FAQs - Frequently Asked Question

My Adorable Life…….A complete family website.
“Create Profile, Share Moments…..Enjoy Likes & Comments with Friends”

1. What is MyAdorableLife.com website is about ?

It is a website for family and friends with lots of exclusive features for one and all. Each member of family can create his/her account as SELF to be the registered user . Parents can create and manage account for every child . An account can be created for a new born child in the family by PARENTS. While opening account for Children, Parents have to create separate email id for each Child. There is e-mail and mobile verification for each User while opening account.

2. How secure is my account… PRIVACY ?

It is a safe and secure website …It’s FREE . To create New Account follows a FREE Registration Process. The e-mail ID and Mobile no of User’s are verified during Registration. The user profile is not visible to anyone else during search for friends except the Name and Location . When user establishes its contacts by accepting friend request , those are in friend list can only view only limited part of user profile in the update and proud moment’s section. It is the User through PRIVACY Settings may allow its friend or family members in the friend list to view the sections like Album, Family , Hobbies , My Story or My Pets . The sections of Follows and My Health are only for the user and NOT Visible to anyone. User’s Friend list is NOT visible to anyone.

What way MyAdorableLife.com is beneficial to USER ?

The website is unique in many ways to the USERs. It is safe and secure , No one can view any of user’s data until being authorized by user in Friends List. Few pages for SELF and cannot be shared with anyone. The only Website than can have Newly Born Child’s Profile. A social site to help upheld family values . The users can capture & enjoy the Life moments. Life at every stage since birth can be well nicely captured as memory . Can cherish proud moments /achievements and share with family and friends. There are many more interesting features the users will enjoy being part of.

4. What will I do after opening Account ?

After Opening account User can start using the features of MyAdorableLife . Upload Own Profile picture and cover photo. User can fill self information in About Me, Go the different Pages and upload information or Picture . Go through this FAQ to understand the features and its security features and Enjoy.

5. “About me “ button …..what is this ?

It is mandatory to fill the location details like state/district/area in this page. This is provided for user to fill in more information about User like nickname – “Nick name” will appear on the profile page . When filled by Parent for child , Child’s ( User’s) Fathers and Mothers Name and mobile no – This important for verification in case of the profile is for Children . This is for security and future update on GIFT’s. User can update on educational qualification ( not mandatory ) This page is personal and ONLY visible to User . The Tag Line mentioned by user will be visible on user profile.

6. “Requests” button ……what is this ?

Click on this button indicates the no of friend request waiting for the user to either accept or reject . While accepting the user to decide if he/she is a family member or friend. It indicates if any Friend request received by user.

7. “Friend List “ button ……what is this ?

Click on this button indicates user’s list of accepted friends. CLICK on the friend , User can View Friend’s profile. Only area of Friend’s profile that user’s friend has authorized can be viewed. Friend List is only for Users and no one in friend list can view it.

8. What is Update feature ? How can I use it ?

Users can post matters that he/she like about any incidence/activity of the day or anything that he/she likes to share with his friends and family including uploading of pictures (.jpg) / messages . It’s all for fun. The updates will be always shared with Family and Friends by default . User’s Friends in friend list can express their Likes & Comment on user’s postings . User also can Express gratitude by visiting friends profile and posting update under ….. Post update for ( Friend’s Name) . Can delete as and when if feels so.

9. What is Proud Moment feature ? How can I use it ?

It is the special moments when one feels a sense of achievement , happy moment you Were trying for …example..being stood first in class , in a race , qualifying a test , buying a bikes a car , got a job , got higher education degree so on and so forth ..Capture those precious moments with date as a treasure for life and cherish throughout. MyAdorableLife has this special page for its users to preserve ones life’s happiest moments.. Picture to be .jpg format. In case the user wants to Delete any picture can do so. User will share this page with family and friends by default. User’s Friends in friend list can express their Likes & Comment on user’s postings . User also can express gratitude by visiting friends profile and posting update under …..Post update for ( Friend’s Name) .

10. What is Album feature ? How can I use it ?

It is a feeling of happiness to go through the PHOTO album . MyAdorableLife has an Exciting page for the User to keep one’s memories…….. An album where the user can keep his memories of life as life uncovers at every stage. May it be birthdays , holidays , family functions , marriage , anniversaries ,or anything the user wish to keep in his/her album .Picture to be .jpg format. Can be added or deleted by user . User will only view this page by default . The User can select to share or NOT with family and Friends by going to Privacy settings. If permitted by User, User’s Friends in friend list can express their Likes & Comment on user’s postings . User also can express gratitude by visiting friends profile and posting update under …..Post update for ( Friend’s Name) .

11. What is Family feature ? How can I use it ?

This is a unique feature and an exclusive page for the Users to upload the Pictures of Family members . The feature allows users to include one’s Great grand parents both Paternal and maternal side, Grant parents , parents , siblings , all relatives as many as one would love to …..This gives a great feeling of togetherness and adds family values. By default this page can be view by User only .User can select to share or NOT with family members and friends by going to Privacy settings . User can add or delete anything in this section.

12. News …….. What is this about ?

This page for user to keep track regularly about the information on matters that the users subscribed to follow out of the follows Icons . It is a very important page for user to get updated information on day to day basis. Through this user can get time to time updates on their subscribed providers of goods or services on the areas of interest. User may use this information to their best advantage. This is visible only to user. This cannot be share with family or friends .

13. Follows ……… What is this about ?

This is a feature which provides various options for the user to subscribe according to his or her interest . The options may be from various fields of interests like from education , sports , music, shopping , travel , creative fields etc. The user may subscribe any one of his / her interest to get updated information as “News” in the News page. This is only visible to user . This cannot be shared with family and friends .

14. Hobbies and Hobbies Activities ……… What is this about ?

This is a feature for user to select his/ her hobbies. User’s to have own initiative to pursue/ follow up on his/her hobbies and keep records/updates on progress on it under the Hobbies Activities . T User can only view this page by default .This can be shared with family and friends by selection available in Privacy setting.

15. What is “ My Health” ? How can I use it ?

This is an exclusive feature for the users . Users can upload and preserved one’s own health checkup / treatment records for reference anytime anywhere . This page has the special feature about the newly born and children’s health records . Provisions to keep track on IMMUNIZATION Is very important and to make it easy for Parents is an effort by MyAdorableLife. HEALTH is very important part and to keep the data for ready reference on priority in life has special values. This feature allows the users to be more handy with self health information. This data CAN NOT be share with family and friends . Only USER can VIEW this.

16. What is “ My Story “ ? How I can use it ?

This is a feature exclusively for PARENTS whose child is either newly born or below 6 years of age. Parents always feel happy with the developmental stages of their child. May it be the child first Laugh or holding a milk bottle , Understanding objects and turning eyes to track moments , First time crawling , First Walk etc. My Adorable Life has this feature for PARENTS to capture these Developments and their happiness . Select the development stage from the list , upload pictures and submit . This page can be viewed by User only by default. User may select to share this with friends and family by going to Privacy setting. If permitted to View, User’s Friends in friend list can express their Likes & Comment on the child growth of user’s postings . User also can express gratitude by visiting friends profile and posting update under …..Post update for ( Friend’s Name).

17. What is “ My Pet” ? How I can use it ?

Many of our users may be PET lovers . To express their love for the PETs , they can capture interesting moments with their PETs and upload. For example the growth of a little puppy as an adult DOG can be well captured as it grows… It is always a pleasure those who love Pets to be with them , play with them , take pets when they travel etc .Capture such moments . By default this page only can be viewed by User. Users can share these moments with family and friends by selection in Privacy settings. If permitted for view, User’s Friends in friend list can express their Likes & Comment on user’s postings . User also can express gratitude by visiting friends profile and posting update under …..Post update for ( Friend’s Name) .

18. What is My GIFT Box ? How I can Gift some one ?

Everyone enjoy receiving GIFTs . My Gift Box is an Icon where family and Friends can GIFT to the User who is dear to all on various occasions like birthdays , anniversaries, On valentine day or on proud achievements . This will be part of upcoming updates and will be explained in more detail in future update.

19. What is the “ EVENT “ button for ?

My Adorable Life also aims at conducting value added programs for different groups at different places at different period of time. The notification of such programs will be sent through the scroll messages We encourage ONLY My Adorable Life users to participate and take benefit of such programs . When click on EVENT icon, a form will open. User can fill the details in the form and mention about the event he/she wants to participate and submit . My Adorable team will respond on users e-mail to further notify on event .

20. What information will I get in search for friends or family members ?

One can search with Name or Nick Name Or mobile no for friends or family members . The search results will display the users in the website resembling the search with profile picture . User can view and send friend request to whom he / she wants to be a friend with.

21. Can I Like or Comment on my friends postings ? How to know who has liked / commented ?

User can express his/her Likes or Comment on the Postings of Friends in Friend List by clicking On the Like button and selecting the expression, Also can write by clicking on Comment button. Friends can express their Likes or comment on users posting . By clicking on the already expressed Like or Comment , user/friend can see the list as who all Have expressed their like/comment. View on the list of already made like/comments are visible to all in the Friend List including User.

22. I am unable to upload videos ?

This feature is not part of current version . Video uploading is currently not a feature. This feature will soon be added in next update. the users will be suitably informed.

23. I am unable to chat or message my friends ?

This feature is currently not a part of this website. Friends in friend list can express their Like Or write comments on User posting. User can express gratitude by writing on friends update wall under … Post update to ( friend’s name).

24. How to deactivate my account ?

My Adorable life would like its users to be part and always associated . However if you wish to deactivate your account , you can do so by going to the bottom of “terms and condition” mentioned on the bottom of User Profile page. Click on deactivate_My account . Please fill your feedback on reason for leaving us.