“My Adorable Life“....memories cherished emotions pampered.

Vision: Aim to be a trusted digital platform by women, parents and children with its features and facilities within the environment supporting to fulfill all needs.
To empower people in social life to create stronger bond with family and friends upholding the cultural values and one to feel “Adorable”. is a website and its Android App are product of Bostina Services Private Limited.

  It offers to create FREE registration and provides unique value added features for use of Women, Children, and Parents in the socio-personal life. There are various features which are extremely precious to everyone in day to day as well as in case of emergency in life. This is a SAFE and SECURE website and App in service for the infants, little children, young and old. For more details refer to About Us and FAQ sections. Terms and condition apply.
The only website and its App in India with great cultural values and aim to serve as ONE STOP solution for every parent, family. It’s a life companion FREE for registered users.
Special feature for parents, to create profile of children including newly born child. The precious development stages of a newly born child can be kept as memories for life. Childs immunization and health records are some of the features to serve lifelong to users including for newly born. The website and Its App also advertises and provides information about essential utility for parents and family. Those interested to advertise with us may contact using the “advertisement’ at bottom of screen. There will be advertisements at the bottom on the users screen in App. More details in Advertisement section and refer FAQ.

  The SEARCH feature is extremely useful for parents, which is to find utility services and facilities in the vicinity or specific locations for fulfilling every need towards securing the growth at every stage of their child since birth like the health , domestic help, child care ,play school, education , hobbies, and also for house hold needs etc. More details in search section.

  Our Business/ Service section is for the promotion of business and services by anyone those want to promote their business or service offer that can be useful for the registered users basically for Women, Parents and Family. It is aimed to provide One STOP solution to our users in order to fulfill all their immediate and future needs and needs that will allow them to choose the best service and facility for their kids. Those interested for providing the Services and Facilities can register using Business Registration. Refer Business/ Service sections for more details. Terms and conditions apply.
My Adorable Life empowers users to suitable rate and comment on the facility , products and services while using in order to help other user avail the same and also for the providers to constantly improve on their ratings to have trust of more and more user

  My Adorable Life advertises for services , facilities , products , Business and Events that will be useful to our users . The advertisements will be scrolled at the bottom of the screen of our users. Users can access to advertisements by taping on it to get it Zoom it for more clarity with texts and links to appear for Users benefit. Clicking on the link will directly take it through to the advertiser website or any other link
Bostina services private limited aims to organize EVENTS for users to add value in the social life. Users can participate in Events conducted by My Adorable life through submitting their interest by clicking on EVENT Icon and submitting the Form.
The GIFT box will enable family and friends to GIFT any one of their near or dear ones among the users. This feature will be part of our upcoming update and will bring in lots of convenience to our users in sharing GIFT on happy occasions. Not operational at this stage.

  My Adorable life has provided information on Emergency assistance to users to avail Emergency help also to assist anyone needing with emergency contacts of nearby trauma center , hospital, ambulance, blood bank , fire brigade , police station and any other assistance that may be useful.
My Adorable Life welcomes one and all to register in this exclusive website and its APP which is responsive to its users need and be part of this great platform for your personal and social needs. Contact us for any query if not getting your query resolved in FAQ section.

Team, My Adorable Life.